Original Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma, 30 Vials | Raw Drinkable Unheated Ocean Minerals

Original Quinton


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Original Quinton Isotonic

Liquid Mineral Replenishment & Hydration Formula with Raw Unheated Ocean Minerals

30 Drinkable Vials


Original Quinton Isotonic 30 Amps

Contains Up To 78 Bioavailable Ionic Minerals To Support Detox, Sleep, Hydration, Digestion

  • Helps gently detoxify the body*
  • Helps restore optimum mineral and trace element levels*
  • Helps support sleep and relaxation*
  • Helps support normal digestion*
  • Helps keep the immune system alert*
  • Can help balance cellular nutrition*
  • Harvested from the depths of plankton- rich ocean blooms
  • Cold-sterilized to retain its beneficial properties
  • Micro-filtered for purity
  • Helps replenish our cells with the same mineral-rich bath that nourished life on earth for so many millions of years.*

Original Quinton® Isotonic is a nutrient-rich, raw marine fluid harvested from the depths of plankton-rich ocean blooms and cold-sterilized to retain its healing properties. It contains up to 78 essential minerals and trace elements the body relies on for supporting cellular health. These bioavailable ionic minerals help replenish our cells with the same mineral-rich bath that nourished life on earth for so many millions of years. Quinton® Isotonic helps to activate the body’s elimination processes for a totally natural type of detoxification.

Quinton® Isotonic ‘s package offers 30 glass drinkable ampoules of 0.34 fl. oz. (10 ml) each. Each 10 ml ampoule of Original Quinton® Isotonic delivers 0.9% bioavailable, bacteriologically pure, naturally sterile minerals and trace elements reduced to isotonicity (0.9%) with spring water, pH 7.2. Because it undergoes only cold sterilization, all the marine-rich complexes in Quinton® Isotonic retain their original form and potency.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Vial
Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving | %DV

Sodium: 28 mg

Other Ingredients:
Purified spring water, seawater


Original Quinton 30 Amps
Original Quinton 30 Amps

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