Life Extension Has A New Look With A Redesigned Logo And Bottles

Life Extension Has A New Look With A Redesigned Logo And Bottles

Why new Life Extension bottles and a new Life Extension logo? New bottles reveal an evolutionary new look reflecting innovative products. You will see Life Extension bottles and packaging transition into sleek, dark blue bottles and lids.

During this transition period, products may arrive in either branded packaging. We would never distribute outdated products, so you’ll always get fresh products. Regardless of package design, you’ll be getting the products you rely on to live your healthiest life. If you are unsatisfied in any way, we will credit your account.


The Benefits Of The New Life Extension Logo & Bottle


Q) Why have you changed your look?
A) Life Extension re-brand is the result of ongoing efforts to represent Life Extension evolution as a company.

Q) I received a white bottle, does that mean I have an older formula?
A) Definitely not. We would never sell you outdated products. However, during Life Extension transition period, products may arrive in either brand packaging. Regardless of packaging, you will always receive premium products backed by Life Extension.

Q) Have your product formulas changed along with the new packaging?
A) We perpetually innovate Life Extension products, so they are ever evolving. However, new package design is not what signals a new product formulation. When we reformulate products, we announce it and explain what the differences are and what you can expect. Most products have just experienced a package update, nothing else.

Q) Are your prices changing because of the new packaging?
A) No. We pride ourselves on being financially responsible. Life Extension new looks will not impact pricing.

Q) I see the new bottles are translucent, will that affect the integrity of the products?
A) No. There will not be any product integrity issues associated with Life Extension new translucent bottles. In fact, bottles like these are fairly common in the industry. Plus, they are recyclable.



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